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Josalyn Borromeo

Dolly Cabadu
January 9, 2017
Katherine Azanon
April 12, 2017

Josalyn Borromeo

Josalyn Borromeo Featured 1Heart CaregiverJosalyn’s inspiration has always been her mother and her family. This has motivated her to work hard and to keep looking for better opportunities. And when the opportunity came for her to live in the U.S. she grabbed it right away.

Josalyn, the eldest of 6 siblings, is a midwifery degree holder in the Philippines and has worked for some time in the healthcare industry. She originally dreamt of becoming a nurse but nursing education proved expensive for her parents. So she decided to put aside her dreams and settle for a less expensive health care related course so her other siblings can continue their schooling.

When she migrated to the U.S. she realized that she can somehow pursue a career that is close to what she originally dreamt of. The fulfillment of being able to make someone’s life better through care is what she is always longing for. This was her mission and this is why she chose a home care profession which she regards as a significant achievement in her life now that she is being able to fulfill this mission. And this is also why she joined 1Heart Caregiver Services as a caregiver.

“I decided to join 1Heart and have worked with them ever since because they have a great staff. They’re all warm hearted and very approachable professionals. They treat their caregivers well and provide them with the right benefits.” Says Jocelyn.

She considers her role model to be Hellen Keller who also served as an inspiration for her to persevere.

“Helen Keller overcame her disabilities and traveled the world while spreading her message of optimism and loving service. The human spirit is amazing. I believe that if you are loving and caring towards the person you are serving, you will somehow find a way to overcome all the challenges. My advise to my fellow caregivers is to be more compassionate and always try to be your best.”

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