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Dolly Cabadu

Miriam Regil 1Heart caregiver
Miriam Regil
October 1, 2016
A woman in her 50s or 60s wearing a nurses uniform named Josalyn Borromeo.
Josalyn Borromeo
February 14, 2017

Dolly Cabadu

Dolly Cabadu - 1Heart Featured Caregiver

Dolly previously lived a very successful life in the Philippines long before she migrated to the U.S. A Commerce graduate major in Accounting, her remarkable 25-year tenure in the insurance industry got her to the level of being able to groom and develop quality insurance agency managers, insurance underwriters, and insurance agents.

Then the time came when she realized that she had already done so much for the industry and she felt it was time to retire. And so she did.

With a lot of time on her hands, she immediately pursued her other passion of cooking and baking. As a matter of fact, she graduated from top culinary schools in the Philippines and even finished a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree.

Out of all her various pursuits, Dolly still found time to raise three great kids who now have taken on successful careers themselves. She has a caring side that she not only showed to her family but to the people around her. She really loves helping people and this has led her to look for a career in caregiving.

“Other than my accomplishments and successes, a satisfied life for me is knowing that I have brought happiness and love to my family and to anyone I get the opportunity to provide assistance.” says Dolly.

When she got to the US, she found this opportunity when a friend of hers told her about senior care and 1Heart Caregiver Services. She was thrilled when she finally landed a caregiving job with the company and the rest is history.

Dolly is now one of 1Heart’s best caregivers and is recognized for her reliability, and for making the company stand above the rest.

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