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Miriam Regil

Ana Regular 1Heart caregiver
Ana Regular
August 16, 2016
Dolly Cabadu
January 9, 2017

Miriam Regil

Miriam Regil - 1Heart Featured Caregiver Thirty years ago, Miriam, originally from El Salvador, migrated to the US with a dream of giving her family a good life and to get better opportunities of landing into the senior care related profession. Her dream is fueled by her desire to care for others due to her mom who serves as her role model and inspiration. Her mom has shown her great care as a hard worker and a good provider and she intends to pass on this great experience to others as a way of paying it forward. My mother has been an epitome of caring and perseverance. I truly admire her and I am so inspired every day as I remember all the good things she has shown me and everyone around her. She is a dedicated mom with a huge heart.”

For years, Miriam has relentlessly persevered to reach her dream and has succeeded.

She has now become a Certified Nurse Assistant and Home Health Aide, and most importantly, a 1Heart Caregiver. “Caregiving brings it’s set of challenges but I consider these challenges as opportunities to be able to achieve my goal which is aligned with company’s goal of giving quality service. I chose to be a part of 1Heart simply because they are all professionals who value and treat everyone with respect and they love what they are doing. It’s a growing company and I’m so glad to be a part of it.”

And she has shown that she is a great fit for the Caregiving profession. She is greatly satisfied whenever she is able to give the best efforts she can to provide anyone in need of care. In fact, Miriam fondly remembers her experience of working with an elderly lady in a wheelchair some years ago who she treated with respect and kindness. Miriam graciously served her every day and she even found time during weekends to cheer her up by cooking her favorite meals and by singing to her. Due to this the senior became very attached to her and has fully trusted her knowing that she can rely on Miriam for just about anything.

Raymond, 1Heart’s Client Care Manager is very proud of Miriam’s excellent service. “Passion and dedication to work are the two important characteristics that Miriam embodies every day and this can be seen with the various clients that she continuously works with as they have no complaints about her work ethic since day one!”

Aside from Caregiving, Miriam does volunteer work 3 hours a day in a nonprofit nursing organization socializing with Seniors with activities such as balloon toss, ice cream, etc. that can bring them happiness and joy.

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