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Ana Regular

Margarita Rodriguez
July 9, 2016
Miriam Regil 1Heart caregiver
Miriam Regil
October 1, 2016

Ana Regular

Ana Regular - 1Heart Caregiver Services Caregiver SpotlightAna Regular was a BS Tourism graduate from one of the well-known schools in the Philippines, La Consolacion College. 31 years ago she felt that she was not able to fulfill her calling so she decided to migrate to the US in her hopes of getting a brand new start in life. And she successfully did so when she entered the Caregiving profession.  Ana has always found joy in being able to assist and help people and she was thankful she was able to get into the profession of caring for others. “I like to care for people. I like the warm feeling I get when I make a difference in a family’s life especially when I feel that I have made a significant impact on the quality of life of the seniors that I care for.” says Ana.

More so, Ana was very qualified for the profession is because of her strength and perseverance as she was able to raise by herself her 4 daughters who, like her, grew up to be strong, independent ladies. “My father inspires me a lot. I admire his strength and the way he loves and cares for the family.  And my kids inspire me more. They always have been a joy to be with. They never fail to motivate me to always do my best.“

Her great service to her clients is evidenced by the feedback she has been getting. Here’s one from her client, Amber Tidwell. “I think Ana is wonderful. She is very sensitive, observant, kind and loving. “

On her free time, Ana spends time with her daughters and plays volleyball. “Caregiving is a very challenging profession emotionally, mentally, and physically so I think it is important that one should stay healthy by supplementing a healthy diet with good exercise to cope with the demands of the profession.”

Ana is proud to be a 1Heart Caregiver. The reason why she has been with the company for almost 8 years now is that 1Heart treats its Caregivers well. “I feel like I am really a part of a very supportive family. It is a very positive and happy company to be working in.”

So what could be Ana’s secret to her success? “Try to get to know your patients’ needs and try to do little things that make their life special. Feel for your patients.”

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