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Margarita Rodriguez

Federico de Leon 1Heart caregiver
Federico de Leon
June 6, 2016
Ana Regular 1Heart caregiver
Ana Regular
August 16, 2016

Margarita Rodriguez

Margarita Rodriguez - Caregiver SpotlightOur featured caregiver for this month, Margarita Rodriguez, has found the inspiration for becoming a caregiver through her daughter, Christina who in return admired her decision along with two of her siblings. Margarita’s kids have always continued to motivate her as she is fulfilling her love of caring. “I feel so happy and so blessed to have my kids that are so proud that I have chosen this profession. I love them very much. I feel great to have been given the opportunity to help and care for seniors.”

Margarita aims to contribute more to home care which was why she is also pursuing a healthcare related degree. “I would like to be able to see what more I can offer to spread the care and the love I am experiencing with my family. I see caregiving and any home care related profession, not as a routine but as a way to help and bring out happiness to anyone that needs care. It’s a rewarding feeling to be able to help someone and provide the best quality of care possible. This is why I chose 1Heart in the first place. They consider caregiving the way I see it. They have an amazing staff that truly cares for its clients and caregivers.”

She really loves her work so much, in fact, one of her clients regarded her as a friend and not as a caregiver. “I am so honored to have been given a chance to serve my clients and am very thankful every day knowing that they are appreciating the kind of service I am providing them.”

Arnold, her Client Care Manager is very satisfied with her performance as a caregiver. “Margarita is a very compassionate and hardworking individual. Her clients have said likewise and some of her clients even considered her as part of the family. I’m so happy to know that she is showing the quality care that 1Heart provides.”

Here’s her advice to anyone who wants to be a caregiver: “Be caring, loyal, honest, responsible, patient and loving towards your patient.”

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