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Federico de Leon

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May 11, 2016
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July 9, 2016

Federico de Leon

On this special month we are featuring one of our best 1Heart caregivers to represent 1Heart’s Caregiver fathers. He is a loving dad who at the same time has given excellent service to his clients because of his caring nature and positive attitude.

Federico de Leon took up a Commerce degree from one of the oldest and known schools in the Philippines, University of the East.  He treasures his daughter who is a special child now 27 years of age. He is always there for her especially during times when she would be needed to be taken to the hospital due to her condition. He wished every day that he would be able to give her daughter a much better life but he did not find any luck getting a job.

Then six years ago, the odds suddenly went in his favor. His brother gave him a Visa petition.  Federico was so thankful to have been given a chance for a better future for his family and on February 14, 2010, Federico and his daughter along with his loving wife, Edith, decided to move to the US.

He chose Caregiving as a career due to his passion for home care. “Commerce was a degree that I found interesting and something that can bring food to the table. But I realized that it cannot bring me the same satisfaction I am longing for.  I always feel great joy in knowing that I have brought care and comfort to anyone who needs it. I can attribute this to my experience with caring for my daughter whom I love very much”, says Federico.

Federico’s love for Caregiving is evident based on the feedback he has been receiving from his clients. Here is a testimonial from one of them. “I really appreciate the care that Rico provides for my elderly mother.  I particularly like that Rico is always smiling and in a good mood, and his positive energy comes through to my mother. Rico is an excellent, enthusiastic, and caring provider, and I am glad that he takes care of my mother.” – Jack Lipton (Ph.D., Esq.)

“Caregiving is a profession that you will have to decide to take wholeheartedly. It requires a great deal of patience. And the reason that I have probably succeeded in my work and have maintained my positive attitude no matter what is simply because I love my wife and my daughter above anyone else. And this love constantly gives me the inspiration to continue to love my profession similar to the way I love my family”, Federico adds.

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