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Lerma Jacinto

Aurora Lopez
April 26, 2016
Federico de Leon 1Heart caregiver
Federico de Leon
June 6, 2016

Lerma Jacinto

Lerma Jacinto is a loving mother of one, a daughter whom she treasures dearly. While in the Philippines, she prayed every day for better opportunities so she can provide a bright future for her. In 2006, her wish was granted in the form of a green card through a petition from her brothers and sisters who have been long time residents in the US.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from a University in the Philippines, she worked for 25 years as a Science teacher and as a Science Academic Coordinator at La Salle Green Hills, one of the more prestigious schools in the Philippines. This profession gave her the training and ethics that has helped her perform her work as a caregiver proficiently. She is a naturally caring person and can empathize well with people – traits which made transitioning to a Caregiving job easy for her.

“I am so glad to have joined 1Heart. 1Heart taught me valuable skills that are essential to any Caregiver. And one of the most important things I learned from them is about spreading positivity and joy to the elderly. The lessons 1Heart has taught me has helped me a lot especially in the most challenging situations I have dealt when providing care for elderly people with mental disabilities.” says Lerma.

Lerma has always been very thankful for the opportunity to work as a caregiver. It gave her the chance to fulfill her passion of caring for others and at the same time help financially support her family. Her caregiving work has aided her daughter (who is now working in an advertising agency in the Philippines) to finish college.

Her client care manager, Raymond De Guzman, has good things to say about Lerma. “Lerma is a very good caregiver. She is caring and loving as a mother!”

Here’s Lerma’s advice to her fellow caregivers: “Love your work, be professional and efficient, communicate effectively, and be a good team player to your co-workers. I believe that if you keep these in mind, you can endure and succeed in your profession.”

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