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Orange County Joins 1Heart Caregiver Services as its New Franchisee

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October 17, 2015
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Orange County Joins 1Heart Caregiver Services as its New Franchisee

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1Heart Caregiver Services steps up its advocacy of providing quality, reliable, and convenient in-home healthcare to the increasing senior population in California, with the opening of yet another franchise, this time, in Orange County, California.

Following successful launches of 1Heart Caregiver franchises in other counties earlier this year, 1Heart Caregiver Services, led by Belina Calderon-Nernberg, CEO, and Randy Clarito, Director of Business and Franchise Development, awards its newest franchisee, the 1Heart Caregiver Services Orange County Group, the same 1Heart Advantage it has bestowed on all of its franchises. Present at the recent signing last September 10, 2015 at the corporate office of 1Heart Caregiver Services in Los Angeles were 1Hearts’s Belina Nernberg and Randy Clarito, and Orange County Franchise’s Jovi Virata – CEO, Fedelaine Noarbe M, D. – Training, Communication and Clinical Management, Merle Dienzo – Finance/Accounting Director, Cyndie Rodriguez – Director of Marketing, and Binky Wormald – HR Director.

The Orange County franchise team started with Fedelaine Noarbe, a medical practitioner, attending one of the business opportunity seminars held monthly by 1Heart Caregiver Services. “I see the viability of the elderly health care business in Orange County”. Checking 2014 Quick Facts show that the percentage of people 65 years and older living in Orange County (13.1%) is greater than the statewide percentage (12.9%). “I want to own a business, and being in the medical field, I want to be in a business whose mission is caring for the sick and the elderly”. Knowing that 1Heart Caregiver Services’ over 12-year solid track record under the able leadership of Belina she chose the 1Heart Caregiver Services business model as her brand of choice. After several brainstorming sessions discussing the business with her like-minded friends, the 1Heart Orange County franchise team was born.

It brings together Jovi, a business manager by profession and a former restaurant manager, Merle, another accountant with an MBA Managerial Accounting concentration, Cyndie, a medical marketer, Binky, who has a caregiving background and Fed, a medical practitioner.

“We trust Belina to lead us to success”. Likewise, Belina welcomes the Orange County team into the fold: “ I want to congratulate and thank the Orange County team for trusting 1Heart Caregiver Services. I am pleased to have them- a group of dynamic women who are not only well-experienced in business management and in health care, but also have the compassion to serve the senior community in Orange County”.

Indeed, it is time to get into the senior health care industry. According to statistics at the California Department of Aging, the number of Californians aged 60 and over will grow to 13.9 million by the year 2050, an increase of 128% from 2010. This translates to the influence of the 60 and over age group on California emerging most strongly between 2000 and 2020. Thus certainly, it is the right time to consider entrenching yourself into, not just any senior health care business, but a quality and reliable senior health care business and that is just what the 1Heart Caregiver Services brand means – quality, integrity, and reliability.

1Heart Caregivers Services is comprised of a professional team with 60 years of collective healthcare experience. It has strong relationship with national retirement facilities and hospitals. It has unwavering commitment to maintaining quality and excellence through its unique concepts: its 1Heart Caregiver University, 1Heart Brain Fitness, and 1Heart Business Academy. Driven by its desire, not just to expand its business, but to have its unique brand within reach of more families needing in-home senior care, it opened its doors to franchising early this year, after more than ten years of mastering the in-Home care business.

“When signing up for a 1Heart Caregiver Services franchise, we give our all-out and non-stop support. First, we provide the franchise with all the information they need to set up the business through our 5-day 1Heart Business Academy. We share with them the 1Heart formula of success, among others, managing the business, recruitment and staffing, accounting, acquiring clients, marketing and sales, both offline and online”.
“My final advice to the Orange County franchise, follow our system, and practice 1Heart’s philosophy based on a service-oriented, client-centered approach and this will ensure success in your business. After all, we are one with the government’s vision for every Californian having the opportunity to enjoy wellness, longevity, and quality of life and that’s the big picture we are all part of”. A message from the CEO, Belina Calderon-Nernberg.

Lastly, a message from the business development director of 1Heart Caregiver Services Randy Clarito to the Orange County team, ‘Welcome to our 1Heart franchise family! We wish you all the best and we look forward to your commitment of helping build the 1Heart Brand strong in Orange County. 1Heart corporate office remains committed to provide you the much needed on-going support as you develop and grow your 1Heart franchise location’.

About 1Heart Caregiver Services®

1Heart Caregiver Services®,, is a premier senior care service company that provides professional private care duty to seniors and adults requiring assistance in their home and healthcare needs. The company is run and managed by healthcare Executives with local and international training with combined top level work experience of more than 60 years. CEO Belina Tagarao is a Los Angeles IMAGE AWARDS honoree 2013 and HiFi 2014 awardee as a HiFi Ambassador of Goodwill for the Filipino-American business community in Los Angeles and another 2015 award coming this December. 1Heart CS is the only in-Home Care Company that has its in-house ‘Caregiver University’ spearheaded by Training Director Randolph Neil Clarito. Aligned with 1Heart’s principle of ‘Continuing Professional Education’ the Caregiver University provides ongoing caregiver training to all staff of the company. 1Heart is a Certified Member of CAHSAH(California Association for Health Services at Home), Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, International Franchise Association (IFA), International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG) and is accredited by BBB. The company operates in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino County and Santa Barbara County area.

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