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Some Useful Apps for Tech Savvy Seniors

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May 16, 2016
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Some Useful Apps for Tech Savvy Seniors

Senior with mobile device postTechnology is constantly changing. People are constantly creating more devices that help make difficult tasks easier to do. This is good news for the aging population that needs to simplify their day to day activities. With this regard, it is now common for seniors to use any modern mobile device such as smartphones and tablets as various applications are now being developed for either an Android or iPhone device that can help them with tasks such as finding informative health information, monitoring their bodily functions, or improving their mental well-being.

Here are a few apps we found that are “Senior-friendly” and free*:

1) Lumosity (Android/iOS) – I guess you already have heard of the saying “Use it or lose it.” You need to exercise not only your body and your brain too. This app was developed for the purpose of keeping your brain in shape. Lumosity consists of mental exercises in the form of short and very entertaining games. It very well presented and easy to understand that seniors may possibly benefit from using the app to prevent cognitive decline.

2) WebMD (Android/iOS) – Although a doctor’s consultation cannot be substituted, this proves to be a very useful reference or guide for senior’s health. WebMD contains a wealth of medical information with regards to medications and disease symptoms.

3) Dragon Dictation (iOS) – Having problems typing each word you wish to say? Then this app may help ease the difficulties having to hunt each letter to type especially with poor eyesight. Simply launch the app and say whichever you wish to type and it will do it for you plain and simple.

4) Blood Pressure Monitor by Taconic System LLC (iOS) – Is a handy blood pressure monitoring application that also can track your weight and more.

5) Magnifying Glass With Light by Falcon In Motion LLC (iOS) – Yes, there is an app for this too. Very handy for reading in low lit rooms. Great for seniors indeed.


*Important note: 1Heart does not promote any company or service that is mentioned in this article. Use of any of these applications are subject to the individual’s choice and 1Heart is not responsible for any outcome that may arise after use of any of these applications. Any of these applications that are health related are meant to be used to supplement any health regimen and cannot be used as a substitute for any medical advice or diagnosis given by a reputable health care professional. Information about these apps may be subject to change.

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