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1Heart Caregiver University: Training Caregivers In Compliance with AB 1217

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January 27, 2016
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April 26, 2016

1Heart Caregiver University: Training Caregivers In Compliance with AB 1217

1Heart Caregiver University Training in Compliance with New Home Care Law

Randy Clarito, (Director of Business and Franchise Development) conducts training for 1Heart Caregiver University

1Heart Caregiver Services through its 1Heart Caregiver University has been training its caregivers and its new hires since late last year to comply with the recently implemented Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act of 2013 also known as AB 1217.

The law which took into effect last January 1, 2016 requires all home care agencies that provide services to its consumers to administer a minimum 5 hours entry-level training which is composed of 2 hours of company orientation and 3 hours of basic health and safety. Caregivers working with Agencies now need to be registered with the Department of Social Services as Home Care Aides (HCA). They are also required to submit their application forms with a valid ID card, pass a criminal background check and obtain a TB clearance, at least within the last 2 years.

1Heart Caregiver University’s updates to their training modules meets the training requirements of this new law. The University has produced quality caregivers since its inception 5 years ago and has provided extensive continuing education training for the company’s caregivers in its corporate office in Los Angeles. The curriculum includes training on Alzheimers and Dementia care, Fall Prevention, Infection Control, Body Mechanics and Brain Fitness. The trainings have effectively served their caregivers to provide the best care for their clients.

According to Randy Clarito, Director of Business and Franchise Development, 1Heart’s curriculum has adapted throughout the changing times as new industry regulations and laws are being implemented.

The 1Heart Caregiver University training adheres to the company’s mission of providing high quality in-home care through a client-centered and service-oriented approach, one heart, one smile, one family at a time. This company mission statement has served as the company’s mantra and keeps 1Heart Caregiver Services’ success as a company that provides service that can outperform other well-known caregiving agencies in the US.


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