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Blanca Diaz

Teresita Reyes 1Heart caregiver
Teresita Reyes
December 1, 2015
Dania Herrera
March 8, 2016

Blanca Diaz

Blanca Diaz Blanca Diaz was raised and born in the US of Mexican parents. She is by nature a very loving and jolly person and her motivation for her success in life is her husband and her two little boys whom she loves dearly.

What made her choose caregiving as a profession is her dedication and passion to give cheer and positivity to people. She always looks forward to spreading a happy feeling to any client she is attending to.

Out of all the caregiving agencies, she chose to be a part of the 1Heart family. The level of care and compassion that 1Heart strives to bring to their clients is similar to what she aims to provide anyone she serves.

“I chose to be a caregiver because I have the dedication and passion to make people happy and pleased and to make everyday a positive day. The reason why I chose 1Heart is simply due to the fact that they have shown me the steps on how to become a successful caregiver” says Blanca. “The quality of care that I have learned from 1Heart results in the great feedback I have been receiving. As a matter of fact, one of my memorable experiences was to be thanked in such a way that the patients and their family considered me as part of the family.”

“We are extremely happy with our wonderful caregiver–Blanca Diaz. She is very capable and very willing to provide any service that we need. She performs her duties with great cheerfulness and intelligence and we enjoy having her with us.” – Harold & Geneva Ferguson

When asked about what she can advise her fellow caregivers, Blanca replied, “Always make your patients happy, ask questions, take notes, be patient and understanding.”

Truly one of 1Heart’s best caregivers, Blanca Diaz, our featured caregiver for this month.

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