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Dania Herrera

Blanca Diaz 1Heart caregiver
Blanca Diaz
February 10, 2016
Welcome to the 1Heart Caregiver Services South Bay Blog
November 1, 2016

Dania Herrera

The California native, Dania Herrera was originally a Business/Communications student. But after going through the experience of caring for a senior she decided to study nursing instead. She realized her calling and true passion was in health care and caregiving. Professions in healthcare seems to be very common within her family as most of them are enjoying very rewarding occupations in the field.

Dania is a naturally compassionate individual who always shows sincerity and gratitude. “Working as a caregiver has been a great experience and at the same time rewarding. I want to help my patient in any possible way to have a better quality of life and if possible, to be able to recover from an illness or condition.”

She chose 1Heart Caregiver Services due to the fact that she is very pleased with how the company treats their employees. “I think that 1Heart Caregiver Services is an outstanding company. They value our work and we’re compensated well for our efforts. I believe 1Heart always aims to provide outstanding care for its clients because they provide training seminars to help us caregivers understand our patients so we can give them the best care possible.“

One of her most memorable experiences was when one of her Alzheimer’s clients acknowledged her care and support. “My client is usually quiet and when she would utter words, it would usually be something that’s incomprehensible. But one day when we were outside, she just stared into the sky for a long time and then she looked into my eyes and said “Thank you for all that you’ve done for me”. That complement meant a lot to me because I felt that I had done something positive in her life and for that I will never forget her.”

Randy Clarito, Director of Business and Franchise Development, has some great things to say about Dania. “Dania has exemplified the true image of a professional and reliable caregiver. She is a good team player and very responsible as well. Client family members and our Staffing department were able to depend on her during emergencies and urgent situations. Dania has been a compassionate and extraordinary caregiver for our client. Dania indeed is a 1Heart Rising Star.”

Dania has some tips for her fellow caregivers’ success. “To become an outstanding caregiver you must first and foremost be VERY RESPONSIBLE and always be at work on time. Being very prompt shows your consideration and your commitment to your patient and to your work. And being able to work with others to provide the best care shows that you are a valuable asset to any team or any organization.”


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