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What is Text Neck?

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March 1, 2015
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April 1, 2015

What is Text Neck?

It has been told that you can injure your thumb (by excessive use of it) thru texting. But did you know that you can injure your neck as well?



How is this possible? You can injure your neck through improper posture by staying in a drooping position for long periods of time while viewing a mobile device.

This type of injury is called “Text Neck”and heatlh expert Dr Oz explained this in one of his shows.

Dr Oz says that the head weights approximately 10 pounds while you are standing straight.  When your head is off kilt or when it’s leaning forward it can bring up to 100 pounds of strain to the neck at its lowest angle.

When you’re stressed the tendency is usually to droop or bring your head down. This is the same drooping posture that contributes to “text neck”.
Here’s what he advises if you have already suffered from this injury.

Prepare a cold pack and a warm pack then put the cold pack on the back of the neck then the warm pack on the chest. The result is a push and pull effect that will help keep the neck and your head back in its straight proper alignment while lessening the pain. “Anaesthesia on the spine (soothes the spine) and relaxes the check” Dr Oz adds.

During bedtime, use a feather pillow. Roll up a towel then put it in the pillowcase. Lie down face up then rest your head on the pillow and align your neck on the part of the pillowcase with the rolled up towel.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

If you want to avoid “text neck” then simply improve your posture. So the next time you text or view your celphone try raising it at a good angle so that you are looking at it with your head in a much straighter position. You neck will surely thank you for it.

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